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ALIAKE is a Japanese Nu-folk band.

The group is composed of Akihisa Kominato ( shakuhachi : Japanese vertical bamboo flute, shinobue : Japanese transverse bamboo flute, okraulo),Yusaku Tsuchiya(violin),Junichi Saito(guitar)and Naosaburou Bihou(taiko : Japanese drums, narimono : Japanese instruments).


All of their original tunes, which have been written in order to create a new Japanese music, enable people to travel history and sometimes connect eastern and western culture and show people a variety of scenery.


Kominato uses an instrument called “okraulo” which is a vertical metallic flute. It has a shakuhachi-like mouthpiece and flute-like Boehm System. In Showa period, Baron Kishichirou Okra invented it. This unique instrument has remarkable sound which consists of ancient Japanese shakuhachi’s breath and western flute.


Tsuchiya uses an acoustic five strings violin which is added one thickest string to a normal violin. It can work well not only for melodies but also for counter lines and backings.


Jazz guitarist Saito’s attractive and exquisite chord work and Japanese percussionist Bihou’s daring rhythm which sometimes reminds people of club music are also the essence of this band.


They each had imagined “Japan-made” new music for a long time. “ALIAKE sound” is the crystallization of the sound of four unique musicians.


Tsuchiya, who was a music director of the SOUND THEATRE “eclipse”, called Kominato, Saito and Bihou to work for “eclipse” together in September 2014. This is the beginning of the band. They held the first gig at Shiodome BLUE MOOD and announced the band’s name.


They have played energetically to perform on the stage of many domestic and foreign music festivals.



1st Album "Rapid Promotion" releases November 6, 2015

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2nd Album "Sai wa nagelaleta" releases September 21, 2018

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3rd Album "NU Folk" releases October 20, 2022

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Booking (International)


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